HeartSmart with Horses

Why Horses?


Horses are beautful, non-judgmental mirrors for us. They reflect our attitudes and emotions back to us, even the ones we may be unaware of. This is why they are such great teachers of patience, courage, compassion and self discipline. Horses excel in psychotherapy programs because of their pure, honest reactions to us. We cannot lie to a horse, he will see right through us.Horses invite us to be fully present in the moment, to join them in the moment, where the past and the future do not exist… only the NOW. It is in the present moment, that you reconnect with your essence, your Soul and access your own inner wisdom..


HeartSmart Horsemanship

* HeartSmart Healing Horses

HeartSmart Coaching for Equestrian Women

For more information, contact Lauren at  laurenlee@womensu.com or 979.661.1594

Wanna Play?




Safe, fun trail ridingHeartSmart Horsemanship

  • Build a heart-centered, relationship-based partnership with your horse
  • Learn love, language and leadership skills to connect and communicate effectively with your horse
  • Learn how to inspire your horse to want to be with you
  • Learnhow to be safe with your horse – on the ground and in the saddle
  • Learn the pre-ride checklist

HeartSmart HorseCare

  • For women enjoying horses for the first time or getting back into horses
  • Learn the basics of Horse Care for your horse’s health – internal and external
  • Learn about advancements in health and technology since your earlier years
  • Practice basic grooming skills on safe, friendly horses
  • Ask the questions you might be afraid to ask
  • Feeding questions answered from basic easy-keepers to hard-keepers to seniors

HorseSmart Leadership for Women

  • Find your inner Alpha Mare (the true leader of the horse herd), your benevolent leader within, that you use/need in all aspects of your life – mother, wife, teacher, daughter, horsewoman, friend, etc.
  • Practice harnessing your inner leadership energy with a horse and get immediate, non-judgmental reflection
  • Learn to stand-up for your Self effectively and advocate for others as well

Services available in private lessons or small group lessons

Contact Lauren for more information on any of these services or a custom program tailored specifically to your needs



Too Busy To Play With Your Horse?

Day-to-day living can quickly consume all of your time and next thing you know it’s been days or even weeks since you’ve been able to spend any quality time with your horse.

As a caregiver, you are constantly taking care of others – your children, your husband, your family, your friends, your animal companions, your work, etc. The list is endless, isn’t it? It can be exhausting…

What happens when you don’t get time with your horse? Your cup gets emptied. You might get cranky, have less patience with your loved ones or have physical symptoms from the never-ending stress. Your creativity wilts away, your parenting suffers, and you can’t remember the last time you laughed. You might even get physically ill.

This is where I can help you.

I help horse women find the time to spend with their horses.

Working with me, you will regularly spend time with your horses, recharging your Soul, filling your cup. Enjoying the rewards of a partnership with your horse and giving to your Self. Not only will you benefit – mentally, emotionally and physically – but everyone else around you will benefit as you give from an overflowing cup.

Contact me for a complimentary Discovery Session (value $197). I currently have 3 spots available. You and your horse will thank me!

Lauren Lee Sarlya

Emotional Fitness Coaching for Natural Horsemanship Students

As a student of natural horsemanship, you are dedicated to learning and improving, and being a better leader for your horse. Your learnings can’t help but spill over into your life and other relationships. And as your horse learns and grows through thresholds, you can’t help but uncover some of your own.

Often you can clear a threshold easily. But sometimes, a threshold can run deep. You can use support to help you move through those thresholds that are no longer serving you.

I create a safe, confidential space for you to explore your threshold – it’s origins, how it’s served you, how it manifests in your life, etc. And if you’re ready, I can help you release it, move through it, and create a new vision without that threshold present.

In an emotional fitness coaching session, we will only go where you want to and with your agreement. My only agenda is yours. And what you share in a session stays with the two of us.

Yes, you can clear thresholds on your own, just as you can study Parelli on your own. And sometimes it’s nice to have support, someone guiding you.

I would be honored to be your support – Contact me for a complimentary Discovery Session (value $197). You and your horse will thank me!

Lauren Lee Sarlya

Lauren and Destin

Lauren and Destin